Promotional Model Cars: A Unique Idea

By Matt Franks

Promotional model cars are a great idea when it comes to marketing a business. It is not something that has been exercised a lot in the past, but is moving full steam ahead because companies are looking for something that is quite unique when trying to get the word out about their company. Promotional model cars have provided an avenue in which businesses can place their logo onto something that a lot of people will enjoy. That is the only way you’re going to get your desired message across. You have to strike a chord in your customers that no one else can. You want to beat your competition when it comes to coming up with something unique that will bring the people to you and not them.

Promotional ideas

One great idea when it comes to promotional model cars is to get the attention of those who love to have these cars displayed in their homes. Think of all of the race car fans out there today who love to collect model cars that resemble the cars of their favourite drivers. Then again, there are those who are fascinated with older model cars and they love to put them together or they love to paint them to the way that suits them. You can provide someone with a lot of joy by providing model cars with your business logo on them. You can have an advertising campaign that says, ‘Purchase this and get one of our limited edition model cars.’ You could do this every single year and have a different car for each year.


You can also have drawings for them and other types of contest. The idea when it comes to promotional model cars is to make them think they are getting something that is one in a million. The truth is that they are rare. They’re not going to find another model car out there with your business name and logo on it. Take advantage of that. Take advantage of the fact that people want things that are unique and they want something that is going to bring out an enjoyable side of them.

Unfortunately, a promotional model car is not going to be for everyone and it isn’t something that you can give away to everybody who walks through your door. Sure, you can do a promotion in which you give 100 cars to the first 100 people through the door or something to that effect. It is your promotion and your budget, so you can use your imagination with this.

Have fun with it

Most importantly, get excited and have fun when running a promotion that you can utilize promotional model cars. Anytime you have a unique promotion within your business, you and your employees become very excited. Have a lot of fun with that. The more excited they are, the more they’re going to hype it up. They’re going to tell their friends and their family, which means you’re going to maximize your profits even more than before.

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