Social Security Trust Fund Crisis Is A Myth


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Recently, the Social Security and Medicare Trustees presented their annual report at the Treasury Department in Washington which offered forecasts for the health of the government’s two largest benefits programs, including Social Security and Medicare. In that conference, it was noted that Social Security is laboring under the weight of retiring baby boomers and revenue shortfalls.

Social Security is split into two funds — one for retirement and survivor benefits, and one for disability. Some analysts suggest that the retirement fund is projected to run out of money in 2035 while the disability fund is projected to run dry in 2016. Combined, the two funds will last until 2033.

It should be noted that the rise in Social Security claims has been anticipated for years, would meet the current and future demands of the Disability Trust Fund.

In addition, the Trustees project that Social Security benefits will increase next year, though the increase could be small. They project a cost-of-living-adjustment, or COLA, of 1.8 percent for 2013; the actual amount won’t be known until percent increase this year, the first after two years without one.

The reality is that Social Security’s retirement and disability programs currently have funds sufficient to cover benefits for the next 20 years and our government is quite functional in the operation of these programs. Millions of people regularly receive the benefits they’ve been promised through systems and processes that have very modest administrative costs.

The Trustees of the Social Security and Medicare Trust Funds’ annual report on the financial status of these entitlement programs noted that Social Security is 100% solvent until 2033, and until that point, Congress has an opportunity to take action to supplement the reserves. These annual reports have been published for decades, and are generally recognized as the most credible, unbiased, and objective assessment of the financial health of these programs.

Pundants and observers have offered many likely remedies, should there be any sort of anticipated shortfall including the possibility of simply abolishing the current trust fund model, and paying for promised benefits by allocating appropriate government budgetary funds . Just as the government finances other promised benefits, like pensions and healthcare for retired government workers and military retirees, the government could also budget for social security disability benefits.

How To Get A Long Distance Online University Degree?}


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Submitted by: Chris Chew

For busy working adults who want to get a university or college degree, perhaps the best way to do so is to study online.There are many long distance accredited and good online colleges and universities to choose from. Just do a search for online university degrees and you will see many institutions offering online degree courses for basic degrees to MBAs and even Doctorate PhDs in business, wealth management, technology management, information systems, education and even in nursing.

Why study for an online degree? This is because for most working adults, taking time off to go to classrooms or campuses for lessons regularly is almost an impossible task and this is a very important reason why so many working adults are deprived of good university degrees. By giving lessons online, these long distance colleges and universities are able to reach out to these potential adult students who otherwise may never have any opportunities to get a university or college degree.

Since these degrees are long distance online courses, you can simply log on to your computer and start the lessons immediately. The convenience of the Internet makes earning your degree not only possible but much more affordable as well because these universities and colleges do not need to count the costs and overheads they need to incur should you attend classroom on campus lessons.

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Many of these universities, for example, The University of Phoenix Online also offer financial assistance and flexible fee payment plans. You may wish to check with the university of your choice on the various types of financial aids available.

Perhaps the most attractive thing about studying for a degree online is that you can study anytime you want to, study where you are without wasting commuting time and for some, there are no timelines for lessons, tutorials, projects and even examinations.

Most online universities and colleges give their long distance learning students the same exacting standard of quality education, curriculum, faculty and resources, the same as those offered at their brick and mortar campuses. You can then have the luxury to complete your education at the time and place most convenient to you. All you need is a computer, a phone connection, and an internet service provider. Most people in developed countries will have no problem setting this up or already have internet connection set up.

With easy to use Internet access software, you have access to lectures, questions and assignments from your professors and then you can print them out and review them off-line. You will also have access to a full range of online research libraries and services.

At the same time, you can also interact with other successful professionals, sharing ideas, debating issues, and learning from their experience.Throughout whatever degree courses you are studying, your instructors will provide guidance and feedback on your progress.

All interaction is conducted online, so you can participate at your own time and convenience. You never have to rush from the office or your home to a night-class or miss a lecture because of some time scheduling conflict.

Want to get an online university degree? Your opportunity may now be here.

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Markets Down/ Lehman To Report Early}


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Markets Down/ Lehman To Report Early


Australasian Investment Review

The struggling US investment bank, Lehman Bros has brought forward its third quarter financial statement by a week, and has promised also to detail new capital initiatives after its shares sank 45% on Wall Street overnight.

Lehman was due to report after trading next Thursday, US time, or early Friday morning, September 19, Sydney time.That will now happen early Wednesday morning US time, or around 9.30 pm tonight, our time.The shares fell $US6.36 to $US7.79 overnight after talks with Korea Development Bank ended. The stock has dropped 88% so far this year.The decision to advance the report and to detail the new moves to obtain new investors and fresh capital came after talks with the Korea Development bank ended over a 25% stake. It was originally talks over a 50% stake, but Lehman management wanted more than the KDB was prepared to pay, and then South Korean financial regulators went public with their opposition to a deal.The news sent Wall Street down sharply, and the Standard & Poor’s 500 index had its biggest fall of 2008: down 3.4% as oil, commodity, metals processing and a wide range of financial shares tumbled.Lehman might have been the catalyst, but the fall was across the board and few stocks were spared some sort of pressure.The drop in oil, copper and gold, allied to the Lehman news, will batter markets in this part of the world today.Asia-Pacific stocks dropped on yesterday, led by falls in Australia, Japan, Hong Kong which quickly reversed the solid Monday gains on the back of the bailing out of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.European markets eased, as did the US which fell more than 2%, undoing its big Monday rally as well.Gold slumped well under $US800 an ounce, oil fell past $US100 a barrel, but bounced back over and copper was also weak.It will be another rough day here as a result with the futures market suggesting a 160 point, or 3% fall at the opening.Macquarie Group dropped 7.3% in Australia as the shorts recovered their confidence after being forced to short cover Monday, which drive the price up 10%.The MSCI Asia Pacific Index fell 2.1% yesterday after Monday’s 3.9% jump, so some of Monday’s gains are still there. That will change today.Investors treated the gain on Monday as a one-day wonder with the bailout of Fannie and Freddie recognition that it was inevitable, but not a vital part of any plan to re-balance the credit markets and end the crunch.The Australian market was off 1.6%, with gold and other resource stocks leading the way down.In Tokyo, the Nikkei lost 1.8%; Taiwan’s market fell 3.5%, the region’s biggest fall and all other regional benchmark indexes declined apart from China and New Zealand, which were little changed. The Korean and Thai markets were lower as well.The Australian stock market fell for the 6th day out of seven yesterday with the S&P/ASX200 index down 87.4 points, or 1.72%, to 4980.1 and the All Ordinaries off 84.4 points, or 1.65%, to 5041.9.BHP Billiton dropped $1.55, or 4.12%, to $36.05, Rio Tinto lost $2.75, or 2.49%, to $107.50 and Fortescue Metals fell 60 cents or 8.45% to $6.50.In the banks, the NAB added 39 cents to $25.49; the Commonwealth Bank lost $1.05 to $43.82 and Westpac shed 38 cents to $24.20.ANZ fell 19 cents to $17.41 ahead of a shake-up that is expected to result in big job losses.The bank says it plans to simplify its business model and reorganise its operations into three regions as part of efforts to rekindle profitability at the country’s fourth-biggest bank.Bureaucracy within the bank will be a target of the overhaul, with an unspecified number of positions to go.”Our new structure simplifies ANZ by organising ourselves around our customers and reducing the management layers between me and the staff who serve our customers from up to 12 to around seven,” ANZ chief executive Mike Smith said in a statement to the ASX yesterday afternoon.The Melbourne-based bank employs about 34,000 staff, worldwide.The bank says it will reorganise around three regions – Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific – and its global institutional client business.IMPORTANT: AIR reports about financial markets and investment products in the widest sense possible. The AIR website and all its contents is prepared for general information only, and as such, the specific needs, investment objectives or financial situation of any particular user have not been taken into consideration. Individuals should therefore talk with their financial planner or advisor before making any investment decisions.Australasian Investment Review

(AIR) is a free daily news service covering global financial markets with a focus on Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Each day our team of experienced journalists presents you with a concise digest of expert opinions and analysis on trends and backgrounds that matter in these markets. Subscriptions are free at

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Exploring Viable Home Refinance Options To Help You Cope Better With Mortgage Payments


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By Sean A. Kelly

The home refinance option is quickly becoming an effective solution for struggling homeowners that are not able to afford their monthly mortgage loan repayment amounts any more. With effective home refinancing, you could successfully lower your monthly repayment amount, and end up paying less to your lenders in terms of interest as well as total loan payment over the tenure of the home loan. More and more financial institutions are offering home refinance loans today as the demand for these loans have skyrocketed ever since we experienced the economic slump a couple of years ago. The economic slump left unemployment levels at all-time highs, and many people were left jobless as companies exercised retrenchment and voluntary retirement activities to help cope with the difficult economic situation. And when you lose your main source of income, you would most definitely struggle with your monthly commitments, and more often than ever your biggest loan repayment amount would be your mortgage payment. Your failure to service your mortgage loan could result in you losing your home through foreclosure proceedings, a scenario that you would want to avoid as your family would be left homeless unless you can figure out a way to manage your mortgage loan.

And a solution that you should definitely consider is the home refinancing option. Take advantage of effective home refinance packages that are being offered today by opting for a low-interest, fixed rate home mortgage loan to help you cope better with your mortgage loan. You could also choose to extend the duration of your loan, something that would further reduce the amount that you would need to pay your lender at the end of every month. For instance, if you have ten years left on your current home mortgage loan, proceed to refinance your home and double your loan duration to twenty years. Although this might extend the length of your loan duration, you would end up paying only half the amount that you used to pay prior to your refinancing exercise (or even less if you could obtain an attractive interest rate with your refinance package).

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Home refinancing is an excellent way to salvage your home from being seized by your creditors, especially if finances are extremely tight for you due to a pay cut or retrenchment exercise. Generally if your loan-to-value (LTV) is 80% or less, you should have little difficulty in obtaining home refinancing. And with President Obama’s Making Home Affordable (MHA) programs such as the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) in place, refinancing your home has never been easier! The HARP is an excellent refinance program for home owners that find that the values of their homes are dwindling, as it allows these homeowners to still refinance their homes regardless of the fact that the home’s value has not increased.

For those that own equity within their homes, the option of a home equity loan could prove to be extremely attractive. With the equity serving as the collateral for your loan, you could obtain cash through this type of home refi solution for purposes such as renovating your home or paying off your other debts such as credit card debts. If you want to renovate and build a new kitchen, or simply pay off your outstanding credit card balances, take advantage of the equity that you own within your home, and obtain a home equity loan at a low interest rate from your own lender or a different lender. But remember that if you fail to repay your home equity loan, you could risk losing your collateral, which is your home. Thus make sure that you service this loan as diligently as you usually service your mortgage loan, as your home is at stake for both loans.

Mortgage refinancing is very much a reality today, especially with the existence of several attractive packages for home refinancing purposes for interested homeowners. And with interest rates at an all-time low, now is definitely a time to refinance your home!

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Does 100 Day Loans Truly Give You The Cheapest Payday Loan?}


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Submitted by: Brandi Martinez

We have all felt the fiscal pinch from time to time, with a lot more charges than cash, and nowhere to flip. Several individuals decide to go with a payday loan as an alternative of getting a single from a financial institution as there are fewer things needed, and the decision is created significantly faster. So lengthy as you have a career you can generally get a loan. Most of these inquire that you spend them back in 28-30 days. The a hundred Day Loans business guarantees you just that, a hundred days to repay what you have borrowed. This sounds great in theory, but is it genuinely?When checking out their web site the first factor that was observed was that there were no fees or curiosity charges detailed before you had to commence getting into your personalized info. Knowing that payday loans generally run about a $twenty.00 or a lot more charge per month, plus the curiosity they charge, which can be 50% or increased, a single could use this as a starting up stage for guessing what the loan will charge. But why really should you have to guess? Even as soon as you have started the procedure none of the fees or curiosity charges is offered. You ought to total the procedure and be funded before they will inform you.a hundred Day Loans asks for approval to share your info with other lending firms and banks, if you overlook to click on no, then get ready for the downpour of cellphone calls and e-mails from everybody and their uncle. They also request your banking info so they can do the direct deposit of the loan, but this also permits them to make direct withdrawals for the repayment of the loan. If you do not have typical paydays, this could wind up leaving you overdrawn, and in problems with your financial institution, not to mention any person you may well have published a check out as well. Whilst no immediate loan is excellent, a single that will not inform you upfront what you will have to repay is not a risk-free way to go. Even their how it functions section does not say.

There are a variety of reasons for taking advance payday loans and these loans have been gaining popularity amongst people recently. The following points explain five of the most important reasons for the popularity of these loans amongst the general public.

In order to get away from Overdraft Fees: Over draft fees charged by banks make for one of the most common reasons because of which people look towards pay day loans. Over draft which is charged by the banks is somewhere around $35 and this is charged for each and every over draft. Naturally, when you have more transactions, there are more of these over drafts which in the long run may become quite a huge burden. Hence, the pay day loans are useful in simplifying these situations and avoiding a financial crunch.

Paying rents or mortgages: There are many places which do not have any restrictions on late payments which enables landlords to charge high interests on late payment. These rates go up to 20% and possibly even more and hence, people prefer to take a payday loan rather than to pay a 20% interest on a month?s rent.

Car and automobile expenses: Repair expenses for cars and other automobiles most often come as unforeseen expenses and they can be quite huge expenses at times. In order to get rid of a financial tussle in such a situation, people prefer to take a quick pay day loan and fix their daily transport.

Paying Hospital/Medical Bills: Another popular reason for payday loans gaining popularity. Medical bills for most ailments come out to be quite a blow for people at times and borrowing a small amount seems to be the better option rather than procrastinating on a visit to the doctor.

Groceries: Yes, daily bread is another reason for payday loans gaining popularity. Many families which are larger in size opt for a pay day loan in order to get their daily bread, usually around the end of the month, right before their next salary gets credited.

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Beware Of Catchy Debt Consolidators


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By Andi Wize

Debt consolidators usually attract positive attention at the start because they give the impression that they will neatly arrange all your debts into an organized and even lighter one. Their campaigns make debt relief seem to be so straightforward. They will just consolidate all your bills and convert the interest rates to as low as 0%. Unfortunately, people who have fallen prey to them have experiences worse than the opposite of these empty promises.

Normal tendency when experiencing financial crisis is to get loans to cover up for previous credits. This being a well-known phenomenon, debt consolidators do their best to entice people into these types of situations with debt consolidation loans which promise easy and immediate processing and approval as well as lower monthly payments and interest rates. Being close to desperation, people tend to become easily lured by such and grab them without a second thought.

If these people only compute how much they actually pay in totality, they will surely be surprised that it is a lot higher. Sure, the monthly payments are lower but this is mainly because they are spread over a longer period of time. What are usually unnoticed are the interest rates which are, in fact, higher. In most instances, rates go as high as 21% or 22% and these subtly and discreetly wring people in their necks while burying them deeper into a financial rut.

Debt consolidators also assure customers that they will be in charge of everything. They will apparently coordinate with your creditors. All that is left to do is make one easy payment every month. However, what happens in reality is that they actually charge for such service by taking hold of about 10% of payment given monthly. This is about $50 for every $500 monthly payment. Instead of such amount being used to significantly reduce debt, it automatically goes to the deceiving hands of debt consolidators.

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Most of their services are obviously those which you can do on your own given the right information. You yourself can negotiate with your creditors to make payments more manageable in the light of a current financial difficulty. You need not shell out such a big amount for that. Most creditors are willing to bend a little if only they will be aware of the circumstances.

What makes doing the negotiations and payments on your own a lot better is that certain cases have already been reported where the debt consolidators themselves are making late payments. They regularly ask the payment from their customers but they remit them late thus causing the customers more charges which they are not made aware of. Such will only be added up to the monthly payments unnoticed.

Balance transfer cards are also prevalent nowadays which are usual debt consolidation tools. Just the same, they promise lower interest rates. However, you have to take note that such low rates aren’t going to be the case forever. After a few months, they will increase. Of course, when that happens, you will look for another provider. The network of credit companies sees this kind of activity and considers you as a risk thinking that something else is behind your switching. Thus, your switching may not be approved and you are left without a choice but hold on to the card and suffer with its high rates.

It is obviously wiser to think of other options instead of resorting to the debt consolidators services. Home equity loans, for example, are better options because of their single-digit interest rates which are even tax-deductible. In such cases also, since you do have a home equity, your property may be up for a higher amount refinancing. In turn, you can use the excess money to settle your debts. You may also try personal loans especially if you used to have a good credit history. The interest rate may still be high, around 11%, but this remains to be a better alternative as compared to the 20%++ rate of debt consolidators.

There are several other options that you can try out. If you want to know more about them, you can seek advice and gather information from certain organizations providing credit debt counselling program. Once you have the information that you need, you deal with the situation yourself. Most debt consolidators have already been proven to be unhelpful thus should not take part in your alternatives anymore. You need not worry about being exposed to harassment as there are laws such as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act to protect you.

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