Little Known Ways To Stay Down Through Your Golf Shots


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By Maxx Johnson

Discovery of your “physical limitations” is the first step to a lifelong better game of golf and you can set up a game plan to improve it by strecthing for golf. Your swing faults can be a flexibility issue for you or it may be a strength issue for you. Regardless, you have got to find out what your challenge is so that it can be addressed and improved.

Especially for the older golfer, the most common issue is flexibility for most. A lack of flexibility will not allow you to rotate your body fully on the backswing and keep the golf club on the correct plane. This, in turn, makes creating power and torque for maximum club head speed very difficult. This means that you will not be able to produce the maximum amount of length that you can produce. Without question, you will LOSE yards on your drives if you can not create a coil or a proper load on your back swing. Along with your routine practice, you must do specific golf stretches to improve this limitation and increase your range of motion.

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Weak hamstrings are a golf specific factor of strength. The role of the hamstring during a golf swing is critical as they allow you to maintain your golf posture throughout the golf swing. Your golf posture prevents strain on your lower back. Lower back pain is the number one injury to golfers. This can be avoided by a regular stretching and strength training program.

Do you have a challenge of “coming out of a shot?” Many mid to higher handicappers have this challenge. Coming out of a golf shot can very well be due to not having hamstrings that are strong enough. As you take your golf swing posture, your hamstrings need to have optimal strength and flexibility. This allows you to maintain the forward flex in your upper body and overall balance in your golf swing. If you can not keep your balance, your hamstring will send a message to your brain saying, “get out of this position, I can’t hold it any longer.” Hence, you end up coming out of their golf shot. Has this ever happened to you at some point during your round of golf?

Working on the physical side of your golf game may be the missing link for you to improve your game and lower your handicap. There is no doubt that your golf game will improve by implementing a golf stretching program with a training professional. It does not take much to get your body to move just a little better. You can start your program slowly. This will not shock your body. In addition, you can keep your goals small so you will not feel overwhelmed and quit doing the exercises. Even moving just a little bit will make a huge difference in your ability to make an optimal swing during your next round of golf. So before you take that next golf lesson, take a look at your body first!

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