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Submitted by: Stephanie Cunningham

If the idea of having your fax machine flooded with binder requests brings a smile to your face, then you will enjoy this story.

For the last two years, I have tried to build a relationship with the mortgage company in my office complex. They have a nice sized operation where they close anywhere from 30 to 50 loans a month. I ve always had this vision of a steady stream of new business flowing into my agency each month that would help them get their loans closed more efficiently and increase my agency s traffic at the same time. Unfortunately, it just wasn t happening.

Then one day, I was brainstorming for content for my agency s next email campaign that would be going out to my clients. It was then that I had a great idea. What if I included some cross-marketing in my email newsletter to edify my mortgage company? After all, I trusted them with my own personal home loan.

I got on the phone and explained to the President of the company that I published an email newsletter campaign to my clients each month and that this month I would like to get his permission to briefly mention his company and website in the next issue that would be going out to 250 of my clients.


To my surprise, his enthusiasm and gratitude caught me off guard. Needless to say, he was thrilled to have the exposure. It required very little effort on my part, but the favor I had given started to pay off.

Soon binder requests started flowing in from that mortgage company. Evidently, I was providing something much more valuable than the donuts they had been getting from the other insurance companies in the area.

Of course, you don t need to edify the mortgage company in every issue that you release because you don t want the material you release to stay the same each month or appear stale. However, edifying a mortgage company that you work with is easy to do 3 or 4 times a year. It allows you to solidify the relationship with someone in the industry who has the power to direct where a substantial amount of new insurance business flows.

Here is how simple it is to do. Just insert this magic statement at the end of your personal greeting.

“P.S. When I find a professional in our area that goes the extra mile, I hate to keep them a secret. If you want to work with a mortgage professional who gives concierge service, then contact (Mortgage Professional’s name here) at xxx-xxxx or visit his/her website at www.puthewebsitehere.com.”

Make sure that the mortgage professional that you are edifying also gets a copy of your email newsletter so that they know when the newsletter is distributed to your clients.

At the minimum, your mortgage professional will be appreciative of your attempt to help them market their mortgage business. The best case is that the result of your email cross marketing produces a piece of actual business for your mortgage professional. When this occurs, you will be creating ultimate loyalty to keep referral business flowing into your fax machine for a long time.

About the Author: Stephanie Cunningham is an insurance agent and the creator of the Agent Contact Wizard, a program that gives insurance agents the ability to touch their clients once a month with professionally written and personalized email marketing campaigns that are optimized to drive referral business into insurance agencies. Find out how easy and affordable it is to give a personal, professional touch to your clients while increasing your agency s retention and referral business. Visit





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