How To Effectively Use The F Word And Double Your Business!

Submitted by: Ali R Rodriguez

When, where, with whom and how we use the F word, still remains a mystery to some folks, and to others, is right down scary if not unacceptable. And yet, not using it in an effective way can cost you thousands of dollars in business not to mention, missing out on prospects, opportunities, growth, expansion, belonging, and community relations. And of course, your friends and family get left out as well.

In this day and age of Social Media Explosion and Revolution, with Facebook and Twitter leading the way, knowing how to use the F word is of the utmost importance; in fact, it has to become part of your vocabulary and branding mechanism because when effectively and properly used, you indeed, can and will . double your business:

When to use it:

Any time you want to make a memorable impression to not only be heard, but be outrageously remembered.

Where to use it:


Marketing materials, promotions, radio or television interviews, products, publicity, Public Relations campaigns, Social Media platforms, Blogs, Newsletters, Articles, Educational and training materials, when coaching and consulting, book writing, traveling, speaking presentations, etc. You can also use it in the privacy of your own home and office.

How to use it:

Use it with passion, flair, dignity, respect, and more importantly, in a meaningful, caring and authentic way.

Who to use with:

Use it in all human interactions, in any of the above-mentioned platforms. Animals and pets are particularly susceptible to it as well.

Have you guessed the F word yet that will double your business when effectively used?

It is FEEL and FEELING !

When you incorporate these F words to your vocabulary and way of being, you ll have a lot more doors open for you, you ll get the ideal clients without you having to chase after them, and they become part of your spider s web of clients attraction and interaction. To some guys, this maybe a foreign concept. Well, get over it, because not using it, hurts your business. Remember Bill Clinton s I feel your pain ? Talk about image and branding! That is one expression no one will ever forget.

People may not remember exactly what you said, but they will always remember How you made them Feel ! It s a huge part of human interaction and should be incorporated as one your marketing strategies and you too have to feel it from within so that your clients can have an experience and not just a bunch of words that come from the bottom of a barrel that means absolutely nothing to them. If you want your business to succeed, think about how you want to make your clients feel . It s key to bottom line success.

No matter what you sell, YOU are the product, so give them the experience of their lives by making the F words top priority on your list. It will make it easier on yourself to identify their needs, create products and services to fulfill those needs to solve their problems, and you will feel on top of the world. Watch your Bank accounts grow when you effectively use those two little F words Feel and Feeling .

About the Author: Ali R. Rodriguez is a Business Coach Strategist and Passionista expert, helping professionals fuse passion with profits, monetize their expertise, and create a lifestyle to match. Ali s multi-lingual and multi-cultural background adds diversity to her coaching style and to her business and marketing programs. Her focus is on growth, expansion and amazing bottom-line success. Ali is the Proud Owner of VISION FOR SUCCESS. A global, full service coaching and consulting firm dedicated to providing clients with professional, personalized services and guidance in the areas of Business Planning, Strategies, Marketing Plans, Branding, Networking, Operating Procedures, and Business Overview.

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