Essential Lessons On Surfing You Ought To Know

Submitted by: Joseph Pressley

The best way to enjoy life is through staying active in sports. Engaging in different sports activities allows an individual to keep himself active, to stay physically fit, and to enjoy the company of new friends and teammates. What else could you ask for when you are a sports enthusiast?

There is a wide variety of outdoor sports that you can choose from. There are outdoor sports for both men and women, outdoor sports for little kids and also, let us not forget the disabled individuals. They too have their own types of outdoor sports. With all of these wonderful opportunities, you should try and spare some time in learning how to play the chosen sport.

Who would not love to spend the day out in the beach? There are also great sports which you can enjoy when you are out in the beach. Like surfing, diving, swimming, beach volleyball, Frisbee and a whole lot more. You can do all of them when you are in the beach and when the weather is absolutely perfect. But of course, it will be more perfect when you have a streetwise stun gun to protect you while you are in the beach. Criminals are everywhere so better be prepared.


Surfing has been one of the famous sports of both men and women all over the world. Despite of how risky it can be, still there are individuals who challenge themselves and would want to experience the intense adrenaline rush they will feel once they hit the waves. This type of sport has long existed in the state of Hawaii for almost 200 years. Hawaii has plenty of spectacular beaches with gigantic waves and this fact alone makes the state very popular and widely visited by tourist from all over the world. Aside from Hawaii, surfing is also best in the California, Florida, Rio de Janeiro, Ireland, Australia and Costa Rica.

What are the necessary preparations if you want to surf the waves? There is really not much preparation when it comes to this type of sport. All you really need is the right equipments and enough knowledge on how you may be able to tackle the waves. You may think that it is easy to ride the surfing board but it is not. Without proper balance and of course self confidence, you will definitely fall off a couple of times.

If you wish to learn how to surf, there are surf schools and surf camps which will offer excellent services and easy to understand lessons. Beginners and intermediates have multi-day lessons which greatly focus on the fundamentals of surfing. Instructors will help their students to become proficient riders.

The ideal surfboard for learning is the longboard. This is because it has more paddling speed and has greater stability as compared to shortboards. For beginners, they can also use funboards as they also have the same volume and stability to that of longboards.

One of the best ways to learn surfing is having a one on one instruction with the instructor. Although it can also be done in a group setting, it is still best if you will learn important mechanics when you are having one on one lesson. Different techniques are shared as to how you will handle the waves and how to ride the board safely. Having balance training exercises is one of the good preparations for surfing.

With surfing, you will be able to have quality time and enhance your skills in swimming. When the weather is perfect, head to the famous beach with gigantic waves to test your skills. Also, never forget to bring a handy small fry stun gun for your protection.

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