A Dentist From First Tooth To Tooth Loss


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A Dentist From First Tooth To Tooth Loss


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A dentist understands that a persons teeth is a source of pride for them. For babies, they can\’t wait to get them, as they impulsively stare and dig into the mouths of every adult around them. Whereas senior adults long to keep the teeth they have. Whether a persons teeth are coming in or loosening, it can be a scary process that one has to prepare for. Therefore the oral cavity requires good hygiene and a healthy lifestyle throughout a person\’s life regardless of his or her age.

For small children, their first dentist is their pediatrician. He or she will check the child\’s gums for the eruption of teeth. They will help the parents support their child through the teething process. They also help with tips on how to give the child\’s teeth a fighting chance from the beginning. They recommend a water bottle after feedings to rinse the mouth so acid won\’t deteriorate the new teeth. Next they recommend a small soft toothbrush to use with water each day. Then they will recommend a training toothpaste to help the little boy or girl get used to the routine of oral hygiene until they are able to use children\’s oral care tools and rinses unassisted but supervised.

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Although a child\’s primary teeth will fall out because the growing jaw will no longer accommodate them, it doesn\’t mean those teeth don\’t matter. Bad oral hygiene during these formidable years from their first primary tooth to the last new secondary tooth is critical. Research has shown that the better the parents show they\’re child to take care of those primary teeth, the more likely the little boy or girl will be to continue those habits. Conversely, when those primary teeth develop cavities, require filings or are the product of grinding or other damages, those issues are likely to continue with their new teeth. Sadly these problems can last throughout their lives causing them to struggle to keep a healthy mouth, unless they invest in the time and efforts of a skilled dentist.

Throughout their lives, adults utilize the education and skills of a dentist to help them hold onto their teeth for the structure and aesthetics. But inevitably, for most, the teeth slowly lose enamel, slowly yellow/brown/blacken with tartar, stains, cavities or infections. This lasts until infections and tartar cause tooth and gum disease and loss. So whether an adult\’s tooth falls out or needs to be pulled out to preserve oral hearth in that area of the mouth, a dental professional is prepared to assist. After stages of loss, theses professionals are also specialized to be able to fit and install any necessary prosthesis. After the loss of secondary teeth a patient can choose from crowns, caps, bridges, partial dentures or full dentures. That is, from one\’s first tooth to their last, professional care is required for great health and preservation of use.

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