The Cost Of A New Furnace And Air Conditioner? 5 Factors That Influence Price

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By Everett Maclachlan

The price of the furnace or the air conditioner you buy will depend on the capability the device has. Most people go by the estimates that are commonly made by their friends and relatives around them. A great way to get the right opinion is by talking to the neighbor who has the same size of the house and the same building material has been used as in your house. The power cost in your area is another major factor about your decision of which new air conditioner or a new furnace is to be bought.

1. Ratings: When it comes to air conditioners the SEER ratings play a vital role in their pricing. SEER is an abbreviation for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. It is a measure for the cooling capability of a particular air conditioner. What rating air conditioner should be used by you should be decided by experts. They will take into account all the relevant factors like climate and other things and hence will be better positioned to tell you which one should be used by you. When it comes to buying a new furnace then they are also rated according to their efficiency. The higher efficiency ones are bound to cost more but they have a higher lifetime and low energy consumption.

2. Comparing with the Earlier One: Many people say that they want an air conditioner or a furnace that is more efficient than their earlier one. The earlier one may be breaking down because either they are underworked or overworked. A lower than required efficiency AC will not be able to make the room temperature pleasant will also break down faster. A more than required efficient conditioner will break down because of the excess cooling. The thermostat will be switching the AC at short intervals which may cause some defect in it.


3. Fuel to Be Used: The furnace that you are going to buy will depend not only on the fuel that is available more easily but also the prevailing prices of the fuel. Therefore you have to make a choice between gas and an oil furnace. It is a difficult choice to make as their prices keep fluctuating at all times. A new furnace is likely to have a lifespan of a minimum of fifteen years so the choice should be made carefully as you may not be able to replace it because of the costs involved in buying one.

4. Type of Property: The material used in building the property will also determine how much heating is required. A house that requires more energy output will require having a higher efficiency furnace or else the whole purpose of buying one will be defeated. The opposite is also not good as the temperature inside will become too much to bear and it may also cause damage to the furnace.

5. Own or Rental: The place where you want to install the devices is your own or a rental one will also play a crucial role in determining what type you are going to buy. In case you are planning to move in the next few years then buying an expensive new furnace or an AC will not be wise. A HVAC contractor can steer you in the right direction for your particular needs.

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