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5 Benefits Of Kids Dance Classes In Richmond}


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5 Benefits of Kids Dance Classes in Richmond


Jessia BlancoStudies reveal that dancing not only keeps kids physically fit and flexible, but that it also improves their mental and emotional health. Dancing is a form of art that is great exercise and ensures the overall well-being of your child physically, mentally and emotionally. Your child will get an opportunity to learn the art of expression and creativity in addition to experiencing different brain functions and building friendships with other kids.Let us explore some of the great benefits of enrolling your kid in a reputable dance class in Richmond:1. Improves Performance:One of the many positive effects of a dance class for kids is that dancing helps stimulate brain function. This increases the child’s activity level and energy, which also improves their academic performance. During the dance classes, the kids acquire problem-solving skills, memory retention and listening skills, which helps improve their academic and personal life too.2. Builds Self Esteem:As children learn and improve skills in a dance class, their confidence will boost. With an experienced and talented dance instructor, your kid will learn to execute the dance steps and will constantly be encouraged with positive feedback. The positive atmosphere of a dance class will give your kids a sense of accomplishment.3. Promotes Wellness:Dancing is a physical and mental activity that promotes overall-wellness and helps prevent many physical and mental issues. By attending the dance classes on a regular basis, your child will learn wellness habits that will ensure a happy and healthy future. Regularly practicing dance will boost their physical development and help the child to learn about the importance of coordination and strength. Dancing promotes a healthy emotional balance for children, which ensures relaxation and helps prevent stress.4. Increases their Potential:Your child will gain impressive skills in a dance class with the assistance of an experienced and well-trained dance instructor. If your kid has the ability and interest to build a career in dance, then by enrolling in a dance class, he/she could get their best chance at living the exciting and fulfilling life of a professional dancer.5. Builds Social Skills:Dance classes are a great cure for a shy child. Dancing is a fun and easy way to improve social skills and provides great opportunities to mix with other children and learn to work in a group. A dance class will boost confidence and improve learning skills such as expression, listening and cooperation. Dance classes are one of the best ways for your kids make new friends with like interests.Conclusion:Learning to dance from a young age will help enhance your child’s life in many ways by improving their physical development, emotional strength and social skills. After enrolling your child in a fun and reputable kids dance class in Richmond, you will be pleased with the incredible results.

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Rhythm inc. Dance Studio

, which offers

kids dance classes in Katy

and Richmond, TX.

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This is the category for mining.

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  • 3 June 2016: Glencore announces Tahmoor mine in New South Wales to close
  • 28 May 2014: Second sinkhole appears in Australian city this week
  • 12 February 2014: Jade Rabbit lunar rover declared lost
  • 25 April 2012: Disposal of fracking wastewater poses potential environmental problems
  • 13 April 2012: Nine Peruvians rescued from collapsed mine
  • 15 June 2011: Court rules Massey can appeal US restrictions in mine disaster investigation
  • 25 November 2010: 29 presumed dead after second explosion at New Zealand mine
  • 9 November 2010: Two killed in new Copiapó, Chile mining accident
  • 16 October 2010: 20 dead, seventeen trapped after Chinese coal mine explosion
  • 15 October 2010: Four miners trapped in Ecuador mine

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Demand for biofuel irrigation worsens global water crisis


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Monday, August 21, 2006

A report by the International Water Management Institute (IWMI) says rising demand for irrigation to produce food and biofuels will aggravate scarcities of water. “One in three people is enduring one form or another of water scarcity,” states the report compiled by 700 experts.

IWMI warns there has to be a radical transformation in the management of water resources – citing as examples Australia, south-central China, and last year’s devastating drought in India. Report authors claim that the price of water could double or triple over the next two decades. The report, backed by the United Nations and farm research groups, shows that globally, water usage had increased by six times in the past 100 years and would double again by 2050 – driven mainly by irrigation and demands by agriculture.

Record oil prices and concerns about rapid onset climate change are driving more countries to produce biofuels – from sugarcane, corn or wood – as an alternative to fossil fuel. “If people are growing biofuels and food it will put another new stress,” says David Molden, who led the study at the Sri Lanka-based IWMI. “The big solution is to find ways to grow more food with less water. Basically, more crop per drop,” Molden said. “The number one recommendation… is to look to improve rain-fed systems in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.”

The report says conquering hunger and coping with an estimated 3 billion more humans by 2050 will result in an 80 percent increase in water use for agriculture. Irrigation absorbs around 74 percent and is likely to surge by 2050.

“We will have to change business as usual in order to deal with growing scarcity,” said Frank Rijsberman, director general of the IWMI, of the report released at the 2006 “World Water Week” conference in Stockholm. Solutions included helping poor countries to grow more food with available fresh water via simple, low-cost measures, a shift from past policies that favoured expensive dams or canals, the report said.

According to Rijsberman, there are two types of shortages: those observed in regions where water is over-exploited, causing a lowering of groundwater levels and rivers to dry up; and those in countries lacking the technical and financial resources to capture water – despite its abundance.

Billions of people in Asia and Africa already faced water shortages because of poor water management, he said. “We will not run out of bottled water any time soon, but some countries have already run out of water to produce their own food,” he said.

The report said that a calorie of food took roughly 1 litre of water to produce, with a kilo of grain needing only 500-4,000 litres compared to a kilo of industrially produced meat taking 10,000 litres.

“Without improvements in water productivity the consequences of this will be even more widespread water scarcity and rapidly increasing water prices.” Rijsberman said water scarcity in Africa was caused by a lack of infrastructure to get the water to the people who needed it. “The water is there, the rainfall is there, but the infrastructure isn’t there,” Rijsberman told reporters.

Other recommendations for certain regions include the extension and the improvement of agriculture using rainwater, the introduction of cereal varieties that need less water as well as the development of irrigation systems.

But the priority, Rijsberman stresses, is to change mentalities and often outdated government policies. “Government policies and their approach to water are probably the most urgent that need changing in the short term,” he said.

There is, he says, enough land, water and human capacity to produce enough food for a growing population over the next 50 years, but one of the challenges is to provide enough water for agriculture without damaging the environment. “Agriculture is driving water scarcity and water scarcity is driving environmental degradation and destruction,” he said.

In Australia last week, Rijsberman said he would “not be surprised to see the price of water double or triple over the next two decades.”

North American roads suffer from dramatic thaws and freezes


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Monday, January 8, 2007

Major city roads across North America are suffering from an early surge in potholes due to the dramatic freezes and thaws this month, some several feet across and inches deep. The potholes are caused by water seeping into cracks during warm weather, and pushing concrete apart when it freezes. Traffic erodes chunks of concrete from the cracks to form holes that continuously grow larger.

While car repair shops are experiencing a boom in business, city budgets are being hit with the costs of patching potholes. Thierry Larivée, an infrastructure spokesman in Montréal, Canada, says about 20 pothole patrols are working throughout the city. They are expected to continue work until at least Friday.

Craig Bryson, spokesman for the Road Commission for Oakland County in Michigan, United States, reports problems on unpaved roads as well. “The warmer weather is also playing havoc with gravel roads; the top layer of dirt thaws, but remains frozen about 10 inches below the surface. Surface water has no place to go. This creates a rutted, soupy road, especially in low-lying areas.”

Environment Canada meteorologist René Héroux attributes the unseasonable thaw to warm winds from the southwest. Environment Canada predicts a new cold front on Thursday.

A Dentist From First Tooth To Tooth Loss


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A Dentist From First Tooth To Tooth Loss


Abigail Aaronson

A dentist understands that a persons teeth is a source of pride for them. For babies, they can\’t wait to get them, as they impulsively stare and dig into the mouths of every adult around them. Whereas senior adults long to keep the teeth they have. Whether a persons teeth are coming in or loosening, it can be a scary process that one has to prepare for. Therefore the oral cavity requires good hygiene and a healthy lifestyle throughout a person\’s life regardless of his or her age.

For small children, their first dentist is their pediatrician. He or she will check the child\’s gums for the eruption of teeth. They will help the parents support their child through the teething process. They also help with tips on how to give the child\’s teeth a fighting chance from the beginning. They recommend a water bottle after feedings to rinse the mouth so acid won\’t deteriorate the new teeth. Next they recommend a small soft toothbrush to use with water each day. Then they will recommend a training toothpaste to help the little boy or girl get used to the routine of oral hygiene until they are able to use children\’s oral care tools and rinses unassisted but supervised.

YouTube Preview Image

Although a child\’s primary teeth will fall out because the growing jaw will no longer accommodate them, it doesn\’t mean those teeth don\’t matter. Bad oral hygiene during these formidable years from their first primary tooth to the last new secondary tooth is critical. Research has shown that the better the parents show they\’re child to take care of those primary teeth, the more likely the little boy or girl will be to continue those habits. Conversely, when those primary teeth develop cavities, require filings or are the product of grinding or other damages, those issues are likely to continue with their new teeth. Sadly these problems can last throughout their lives causing them to struggle to keep a healthy mouth, unless they invest in the time and efforts of a skilled dentist.

Throughout their lives, adults utilize the education and skills of a dentist to help them hold onto their teeth for the structure and aesthetics. But inevitably, for most, the teeth slowly lose enamel, slowly yellow/brown/blacken with tartar, stains, cavities or infections. This lasts until infections and tartar cause tooth and gum disease and loss. So whether an adult\’s tooth falls out or needs to be pulled out to preserve oral hearth in that area of the mouth, a dental professional is prepared to assist. After stages of loss, theses professionals are also specialized to be able to fit and install any necessary prosthesis. After the loss of secondary teeth a patient can choose from crowns, caps, bridges, partial dentures or full dentures. That is, from one\’s first tooth to their last, professional care is required for great health and preservation of use.

A skilled

dentist thousand oaks

is needed throughout someone\’s life. To find a well respected dentist, see here:



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Seven caves found on Mars: NASA


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Monday, September 24, 2007

New images from Mars, taken by NASA’s Mars Odyssey spacecraft and the Mars Global Surveyor have shown what appears to be at least seven entrances to large caves on the slope of Arsia Mons, a Martian volcano. Scientists believe the caves are very large and they believe that they lead to the subsurface of Mars.

All of the cave entrances, which were named “The Seven Sisters“, are at least 100 to 250 meters (328 to 820 feet) in diameter. Infrared images show that the temperature variations from night and day show that they are likely caves. “They are cooler than the surrounding surface in the day and warmer at night. Their thermal behavior is not as steady as large caves on Earth that often maintain a fairly constant temperature, but it is consistent with these being deep holes in the ground,” said Glen Cushing of the United States Geological Survey (USGS) Astrogeology Team and of Northern Arizona University located in Flagstaff, Arizona.

While some scientists say that “somewhere on Mars, caves might provide a protected niche for past or current life, or shelter for humans in the future” (Tim Titus of the U.S. Geological Survey), others disagree as to this possibility, since most of the caves “…are at such extreme altitude, they are poor candidates either for use as human habitation or for having microbial life. Even if life has ever existed on Mars, it may not have migrated to this height,” added Cushing.

The caves are believed to have been formed as underground stresses around the volcano caused spreading and faults that opened spaces beneath the surface. Some of the holes are in line with strings of bowl-shaped pits where surface material has apparently collapsed to fill the gap created by a linear fault.

NASA plans to use the Odyssey to find more possible caves at lower altitudes in the future.

Alleged tax-haven scheme linked to Canada’s largest brokerage firm


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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

In a continuing crackdown on tax evasion, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has alleged that brokers with a branch of RBC Dominion Securities, Canada’s largest brokerage company, helped clients set up accounts in the small European principality of Liechtenstein in order to avoid taxation on their wealth.

In affadavits submitted by the CRA, brokers with an RBC Dominion Securities office in Victoria, British Columbia, allegedly helped clients set up 16 offshore entities with a division of the LGT Group in Liechtenstein. While that is not a crime under Canadian law, auditors allege that the entities were used to help Canadians hide worldwide income. Thirteen individuals are either being audited or have made voluntary disclosures, admitting to tax evasion. The agency is presently investigating to see if there are any other individuals participating in this scheme. Regarding the inquiry, dubbed “Project Jade”, the CRA will only say that it was launched on information from a “confidential informant”.

RBC issued a written statement, saying “As a firm, we have never encouraged Canadians — not 25 years ago and not today — to set up entities in Liechtenstein, and we have never instructed our investment advisers to recommend that practice,” and “we comply with all CRA requirements. This means that we provide all our clients with the forms they need to meet their personal tax obligations, and also file reports with CRA that form the basis for reviews such as this.”

Three RBC employees are presently being investigated, with one remaining unidentified.

Different Ranges Of Flooring Available With North Yorkshire Timbers Flooring And Doors}


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Different ranges of flooring available with North Yorkshire Timbers Flooring and Doors


Declan Ellis

Being one of the best providers top quality flooring and doors in the country, member of North Yorkshire Timber, Flooring and Doors, are highly recommended for those wanting stylish new flooring. Whether its a new Dennebos kitchen floor or some new Sherwood engineered flooring for your workspace, therell be something to suit your needs in the Flooring and Doors showrooms.

Flooring and Doors have various different showrooms across Yorkshire and the North East, including locations such as Ripon, Darlington, Middlesbrough, Sunderland and North Shields, and they have products to suit every budget and style. Among the flooring displayed in these showrooms are Dennebos flooring, Sherwood engineered flooring and Kahrs flooring. As well as buying your new floors from these fantastic showrooms, you can also purchase the NY Timber products either online (they have a 100% secure online shopping system) or over the phone and you neednt worry about delivery because they offer delivery across the whole of the UK.

YouTube Preview Image

The flooring supplied by the North Yorkshire Timber branch is guaranteed to be solid and reliable with a sleek finish. Some of the floors including Dennebos floors are suitable for under-floor heating as well, which will be perfect as we approach the winter months. Dennebos are a very popular choice at the moment, being a successful and reliable brand with an exceptional choice of wide board engineered oak flooring. The Dennebos flooring products ensure maximum stability and bring warmth and character to any interior. You can view them today on the Flooring and Doors website.

Another fantastic choice of flooring from Flooring and Doors is Kahrs flooring the leading brand in engineered wood flooring. Similarly to Dennebos, it is suitable to install under-floor heating to, making it perfect as the weather is getting colder. Kahrs flooring incorporates the revolutionary Woodloc installation systems and offers a huge range of options of species, designs, gradings, finishes and treatments, meaning it can suit anyones requirements no matter how precise they may be.

A third option to consider for your new flooring is Sherwood engineered flooring, a beautifully polished product that will make any room look fresh, modern and bright. Some of the options available for Sherwood engineered flooring are Sherwood natural oiled and Sherwood unfinished. They come in a range of thickness and colour, and would be perfect for a multitude of different interiors.

As well as the doors and flooring products on offer at NY Timber, there are flooring and doors accessories including door frames, door furniture, skirting boards, architrave and floor finishing products. If youre going to have stunning Sherwood engineered flooring, you might as well give it the perfect finish with the appropriate accessories to complete the look. You can see further information on these accessories along with details on all the flooring on offer at NY Timber on the Flooring and Doors website. Alternatively, you can give the team a call and have a chat about your specific requirements and how they can help you choose the perfect flooring and doors for your needs.

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Oil spill hits Australia’s Sunshine coastline


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Sunday, March 15, 2009

200,000 litres of oil leaked into waters off the coast of Brisbane from the Pacific Adventurer when their fuel tanks were damaged in rough seas on Wednesday. The figure is about ten times higher than the original estimate of twenty thousand litres of oil. The devastating diesel oil spill has spread along 60 kilometres (37 miles) of the Queensland coast. In addition, 31 containers with 620 tonnes of ammonium nitrate fertiliser flew overboard during the violent storm.

Questions are being asked why the Hong Kong cargo ship was out in seas with nine meter waves caused by Cyclone Hamish, a Category 5 tropical cyclone, as well as why the fertiliser containers were not properly secured. One of the overboard containers ruptured the hull of the Pacific Adventurer, causing between 30 to 100 tonnes of oil to spew from the severely damaged ship.

If the ammonium nitrate mixes with the heavy oil, an explosion could occur. None of the containers have been recovered. Some of these may float, but it is believed that they may have sunk which then may cause algal blooms.

Disaster zones have been declared at Bribie and Moreton Islands, and along the Sunshine coast.

The vessel’s owner, Swire Shipping, reported that a second leak began on Friday, when the ship began listing after docking at Hamilton for repairs. “As full soundings of the vessel’s tanks were being taken at the port to determine how much oil had leaked from the vessel, a small quantity of fuel oil escaped from the Pacific Adventurer,” it stated. The ship was brought upright, and a recovery vessel was used to suck up the oil from the water. The leak produced a 500m-long oil slick down the Brisbane River. Booms were placed around this oil spill so that a skimmer could clean up the second spill.

Swire Shipping could face clean up costs of AU$100,000 a day as well as fines up to AU$1.5million (US$977,000; £703,000) if found guilty of environmental breaches or negligence.

Sunshine Coast beaches are slowly starting to be reopened. The beach of Mooloolaba was still closed following reports of burning sensations from swimmers. 12 beaches remain closed; however, 13 have been reopened.

Over 300 state government and council workers are using buckets, rakes and spades in the clean up effort. Sunshine Coast Mayor Bob Abbott says the majority will be gone by Sunday afternoon. The full environmental impact on wildlife is not yet known. One turtle and seven pelicans have been found covered in oil.

There are concerns that the drinking water of Moreton Island is at risk, as the island uses water from the underground water table near the oil spill site.

“Every bucketload of contaminated sand has to be removed from the island by barge, and each bucketload from a front-end loader weighs about one tonne. It’s just an impossible task,” said Mr Trevor Hassard of the Tangalooma Dolphin Education Centre.

The commercial fishing industry has suffered from the incident. Trawlers won’t resume operations until Sunday evening, and any catches will be tested for human consumption.