Different Ranges Of Flooring Available With North Yorkshire Timbers Flooring And Doors}


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Different ranges of flooring available with North Yorkshire Timbers Flooring and Doors


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Being one of the best providers top quality flooring and doors in the country, member of North Yorkshire Timber, Flooring and Doors, are highly recommended for those wanting stylish new flooring. Whether its a new Dennebos kitchen floor or some new Sherwood engineered flooring for your workspace, therell be something to suit your needs in the Flooring and Doors showrooms.

Flooring and Doors have various different showrooms across Yorkshire and the North East, including locations such as Ripon, Darlington, Middlesbrough, Sunderland and North Shields, and they have products to suit every budget and style. Among the flooring displayed in these showrooms are Dennebos flooring, Sherwood engineered flooring and Kahrs flooring. As well as buying your new floors from these fantastic showrooms, you can also purchase the NY Timber products either online (they have a 100% secure online shopping system) or over the phone and you neednt worry about delivery because they offer delivery across the whole of the UK.

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The flooring supplied by the North Yorkshire Timber branch is guaranteed to be solid and reliable with a sleek finish. Some of the floors including Dennebos floors are suitable for under-floor heating as well, which will be perfect as we approach the winter months. Dennebos are a very popular choice at the moment, being a successful and reliable brand with an exceptional choice of wide board engineered oak flooring. The Dennebos flooring products ensure maximum stability and bring warmth and character to any interior. You can view them today on the Flooring and Doors website.

Another fantastic choice of flooring from Flooring and Doors is Kahrs flooring the leading brand in engineered wood flooring. Similarly to Dennebos, it is suitable to install under-floor heating to, making it perfect as the weather is getting colder. Kahrs flooring incorporates the revolutionary Woodloc installation systems and offers a huge range of options of species, designs, gradings, finishes and treatments, meaning it can suit anyones requirements no matter how precise they may be.

A third option to consider for your new flooring is Sherwood engineered flooring, a beautifully polished product that will make any room look fresh, modern and bright. Some of the options available for Sherwood engineered flooring are Sherwood natural oiled and Sherwood unfinished. They come in a range of thickness and colour, and would be perfect for a multitude of different interiors.

As well as the doors and flooring products on offer at NY Timber, there are flooring and doors accessories including door frames, door furniture, skirting boards, architrave and floor finishing products. If youre going to have stunning Sherwood engineered flooring, you might as well give it the perfect finish with the appropriate accessories to complete the look. You can see further information on these accessories along with details on all the flooring on offer at NY Timber on the Flooring and Doors website. Alternatively, you can give the team a call and have a chat about your specific requirements and how they can help you choose the perfect flooring and doors for your needs.

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Using Negative Calorie Foods As Part Of Your Diet


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By Carl Walker

Negative calorie foods are really a misnomer. It isn’t possible for a food that you eat to have a negative number of calories, that’s just plain impossible. What people really mean when they call something a negative calorie food is that you burn more calories eating it than the food gives you. So, on balance, you have “eaten” a negative number of calories because you’ve eaten, say, 20 calories and used, say, 30 calories eating it. Net result: 10 negative calories eaten.

So what sort of foods are negative calorie ones? Are they all boring foods that you wouldn’t want to eat anyway?

For some of them, the answer is probably yes. You can’t imagine anyone (rabbits excepted) wanting to eat a large plate of lettuce and nothing else.

But there are plenty of other negative calorie foods that might start to get you excited.

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Would you like to eat a nice juicy apple? That’s fine as it counts as negative calorie.

Fancy a plate of strawberries? Again, no problem. At least not until you start salivating at the thought of adding cream. But fresh strawberries with no sugar and no cream count as negative calorie. If you’re on a low carb diet, they score fine for that as well.

Quite a few other fruits count as negative calorie, so you don’t have to force yourself to just eat apples and strawberries. Pineapple is fine as well. So are cantaloupe melons, blackberries, raspberries and cranberries.

Just think, you could make yourself a delicious fresh fruit salad and still be on your way to losing those extra pounds.

On the veggie side, take a look at carrots. Nibbled raw they are tasty and you won’t consume any extra calories. Add in some tomatoes and peppers for a colorful and tasty side salad.

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