Supplementing Your Income By Working Online


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Submitted by: Jason Bacot

Making a decent living from working online is hard work, but lots of people wouldn t have it any other way. The thrill of being your own boss is worth the work that goes into it. But a lot of people aren t interested in making their living from working online. They would just like to be able to supplement their income with online ventures. Fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities for this level of work from home.

One way to make money online from home is to sign up with one or more survey sites that pay cash. With these sites, your demographic data is used to match you up with online surveys where those conducting the surveys are willing to pay to find out your opinions. Most of the surveys take 20 minutes or so to complete, and are generally several screens of check-box type questions. Some surveys pay better than others. The typical survey will pay under $5, though occasionally you ll qualify for a survey that pays more, say, $20 to $50. These higher paying surveys may take up to an hour to complete, but as an hourly wage, it s certainly not bad.

Another way to earn extra money by working online is by freelancing. You may have skills in writing, graphic arts, programming, moviemaking, translation, or some other skill that could be valuable. Signing up with most freelance sites is free, though most do offer some form of premium membership that lets you bid on projects that aren t open to others. You can find projects such as writing freelance articles, transcribing the words from a video to text files, designing logos, or making short promotional films. When you start out, the pay is not good. But once you show that you do a good job and get a few good ratings, you ll acquire more jobs easier, and be able to charge more for your work. Who knows? Eventually you may want to do it full-time.

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Perhaps the most passive way of earning a little extra money online is by having a website and earning money from the ads that are placed on your site. Google AdSense is probably the most well-known and easy to use of these, but it s difficult to make decent money at it. You need a site with lots of traffic every day to make ads pay off for you. That means you have to maintain a site that s interesting, fresh, and popular, which is not that easy to do. You ll have to become fairly well-versed in the art of search engine optimization (SEO) to get the levels of traffic you need to make money from ads on your site.

Setting up a website as an affiliate marketing site can be a bit more lucrative than trying to earn money from ads, but you do still have to put some effort into promoting your site. The more traffic your site gets, the more people are likely to buy the affiliate product you advertise. The more people who buy the product through your site, the more commissions you earn.

The opportunities to make money online are everywhere. But they don t mean instant riches, and they do require you to work for what you earn. However, if you have the right mindset and skills, it can be a rewarding second (or even first) career.

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3 Tips For Having Success With Affiliate Marketing}


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3 Tips For Having Success With Affiliate Marketing


Adrian Hargray

When beginners start off in affiliate marketing, they are sometimes distraught by the number of things that they have to learn. You should know that affiliate marketing can be easy and it just takes a few simple techniques to really bring in the sales for you. In this article, we will take a look at some of those techniques and how you can put them to use today in your business. Heres tip number 1 for having success with affiliate marketing.

1) Have an opt-in newsletter

Youve more than likely heard the gurus say that the money is in the list, and this is true. The money is in the list and its a fast way to earn some money online. When you have your own opt-in email newsletter, you give yourself the chance to boost your conversion rates because youre repeatedly emailing your prospects time and time again.

To get the sale, you should at least try to mail to your prospects 7 times before you give up. Studies have shown that 7 contacts is the magic number, and it is enough time you need to educate your readers on your products and services. Heres another tip for marketing your affiliate business.

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2) Get a website

You need to have your own website if you plan on having success with affiliate marketing. A number of problems can occur if you dont have your own website. The first problem that you will run into is that you cant cloak your affiliate links. Being able to cloak your affiliate links can mean the difference between mediocre sales and world-class sales.

The bottom line is that people dont want to click on obvious affiliate links. They will more than likely remove your affiliate ID altogether or will simply type in the merchants web address in their address bar.

The second reason you need your own website is that most article directories wont allow you to link directly to an affiliate product. You need your own website to issue a redirect command so that it can lead to that product. If youre planning on doing any article marketing with your campaigns, then you need your own website.

Another reason you need your own website is similar to the reason above. Alot of ppc programs such as google adwords wont allow you to link directly to an affiliate product. You will also want to have your own website so that you can pre-sell your users on a particular product or service. One of the most basic forms of a pre-sell is a product review, and this cant be done if you dont have your own website.

Heres the last tip I can give to you regarding your affiliate marketing success.

3) Get traffic

You can get traffic using free methods for your affiliate marketing business. The first way to get traffic is with article marketing. With article marketing, all youre doing is writing articles and submitting them to the article directories. This is the most basic form of article marketing and it can get you alot of traffic to your website when done alot.

The next way to get traffic to your affiliate product is with video marketing. You tube and Google Video are huge right now and they can deliver you a ton of traffic if you submit alot of videos to them.

All of these tips for having success with affiliate marketing work if you use them.

Be sure to use them today to start getting the most from your affiliate marketing efforts.

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3 Tips For Having Success With Affiliate Marketing }

Is Spamming For Business A Way To Go?


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By Daniel Gebura

Spam is simply unwanted, unsolicited mail sent to your Mail Box.

It started to become a serious problem when the Internet was opened up to the general public in the mid-1990s and it’s considered as the abuse of electronic messaging systems to send unsolicited bulk messages. Today spamming is prevalent on the Internet because the transactions cost of electronic communications are radically less than any optional form of communication. Spam continuously spread to new forms of electronic communication as the benefits increases to levels where the calculation “cost/benefit” gives positive results.Because the barrier to entry is so low, spammers are numerous, and the amount of unsolicited mail spreading especially online has become very high. Since spam is, by definition, unsolicited, this address harvesting is done without the permission and sometimes even against the expressed will of the address owners.Another problem is that being aware of eventual legal problems, they take advantage of this fact, and frequently move a part of their operations to countries where spamming will not get them in trouble. Spam has become major problem worldwide, since the costs the sender pay in order to send unsolicited messages are very little to while most of the costs are paid for by the recipient or network carriers.

How do they spam?

They frequently use false information such us: names, addresses, phone numbers, and many other contact informations to set up “disposable” accounts at various Internet service providers. Spammers also subscribe to discussion mailing lists for the purpose of gathering the addresses of members. This way they get more “target points” to which they can easily send unsolicited emails.

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Another bad thing is that some of them are familiarized with online technology and use programs making harvesting contact informations much easier. Those programs are so-called spiders that are sent through web pages, capturing email addresses.

Why are they spamming?

Sending spam messages to potential “victims” through the internet connection is very easy nowadays and many spammers find this an effective way to increase their income chances at the lowest cost.

Spamming is also economically affordable because advertisers have actually no operating costs beyond the management of their captured mailing lists. Another factor deciding about popularity of spam is that it can be very profitable even at low response rates.

Why they should stop spamming?

The one of the areas where spamming is the most often practiced is Online business market which has already given many examples that marketers using unethical methods of promoting products(which group spam definitely falls into) usually don’t succeed in the long term. The reason of that is simple – more people rather do not accept spam than deal with it, especially in business area where it comes to persistent attempts to sell the product by spammer.

There is another thing that marketers using unsolicited emailing should be afraid of – it’s the public opinion.

Spammed person can easily publish over the web his negative word about the marketer practicing unethical methods, which will automatically decrease the authority,reputation and as a result can easily drive his business to the failure in the near future to come.

Spam Isn’t a good way to achieve success, the ethical methods of promoting are the most important and are much more effective in building successful long term business.

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