5 Benefits Of Buying A Bmw Premium Selection Vehicle


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5 Benefits of Buying a BMW Premium Selection Vehicle by TanujIf you are in the market looking for a second-hand luxury vehicle, you should pay a visit to any BMW dealership and explore the Premium Selection pre-owned cars displayed in the showroom. Owning a model from this lineup will let you enjoy the pleasure of driving, with more assurance on the road. Making the purchase at a dealership makes a lot of sense. It will give you peace-of-mind that only a BMW authorized dealer can provide.To qualify the BMW Premium Selection certificate, every vehicle has to pass through a rigorous technical and optical inspection. These certified vehicles offer a host of benefits along with many comprehensive services. 1.360-Degree Vehicle Check Each time a used BMW car comes into the dealership, BMW trained technicians carefully inspect the car using the latest technologies. Systems and components ranging from the operation of the glove box to engine performance are checked. Significant attention is devoted to the braking system, electrical systems, mechanical systems, steering mechanism and all safety components. 2.Approved Vehicle and Service HistoryEvery BMW Premium Selection vehicle has its own story, which is only known to your BMW Service Centre. All the important information, regarding the manufacturing year of the model to the number of kilometres covered, is recorded and passed on to you. Moreover, a detailed vehicle and history report where all the inspections, technical modifications and maintenance work is documented will be shared with you, so you can be sure that your car is looked after by skilled experts. 3.Minimum 12-Months BMW Warranty BMW Premium Selection vehicles undergo a thorough standardized check and are backed by a minimum 12-months BMW warranty. No matter, whether your BMW is five-months-old or three-years-old, you will sure to experience sheer driving performance and pleasure.4.Attractive Finance OffersWhen purchasing a BMW Premium Selection Vehicle, you can take advantage of attractive financing options. Visit a dealership like KUN Exclusive in Chennai and you will get to know about various BMW financing services available. The knowledgeable finance team here will help you choose a suitable financing option as per your needs and lifestyle.5.Trade-in OffersTo give you the best you truly deserve, the experienced procurement team here provides accurate evaluations of all trade-in vehicles. Want to find your Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle?Once you are aware of the BMW Certified Pre-Owned benefits, it’s time to shop for a used BMW car. Simply step into KUN Exclusive showroom and check out the second-hand cars displayed on sale. Schedule the test drive and know every model’s specifications in detail. The highly-experienced sales team here will solve all your queries and guide you throughout the car buying process. You can also set a meeting with their finance consultants and know about the various BMW financing options available. KUN Exclusive showroom in Chennai has a state-of-the-art facility that meets all the needs of the customers. Visit the outlet once and their efficient sales team will help you locate a model that best suits your needs and personality. Whether you own a new BMW or the one which is 2-3 years old, the thrill of driving a BMW is indescribable. You should buy a new BMW car to experience it yourself. Visit KUN Exclusive in Chennai and book your own BMW model now.Article Source: eArticlesOnline.com

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